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Monday, March 01, 2010

Why ?

Why is it, that when I offer to do something simple for someone, it turns into a massive task?

My wife created a Twitter Widget, just like the one below, for Full Of Books. Since I look after the code, I offered to add the widget to the site for her. Its a few simple lines of javascript. No big deal. I'll be done in 30 seconds, max!

Or so I thought.

It works fine here, but when I add it to Full Of Books, it spins out in a mad loop, spewing error messages in its wake!. Hundreds of them appear in the console, in just a few seconds - and it doesnt stop! The widget itself, does not display at all. "Operation Not Supported". WTF?? Its supported just fine here, using the same browser...

Why wouldnt the same code, running in the same Java-VM, work when called by a different site?

It means, I'll have to fast-track, the real "Twitter" solution that I had planned for the site, which will allow the girls to update their status from within the admin area. With all the other things I have to do, I hadn't planned on adding that for a while, as its not just a simple drop in, like this javascript was supposed to be.

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